Christina F. LoTempio

LoTempioChristina-168x210Christina LoTempio is a fourth-year political theory PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University.  She holds a Master of Arts degree in political science from Fordham University (May 2013) and Northwestern University (June 2015).  She is currently working on a dissertation titled “Recovering a Shared Critique: Arendt and Adorno on Capitalist Culture.”  She looks forward to presenting chapter drafts at the upcoming American Political Science Association Annual Conference in San Francisco and National Women Studies Association Annual Conference in Baltimore.

Christina’s academic interests include modern and contemporary political theory, feminist theory, queer theory, and critical theory.  Her dissertation presents a rereading of critiques of “capitalist culture,” through Arendtian, Adornian, and feminist/queer lenses.  Christina is particularly interested in the increasing “corporatization of feminism” in contemporary popular culture and corporate advertising.

At Northwestern, Christina has written a second-year paper titled “Recognize and Resist: A Philosophical Task from Max Horkheimer,” completed May 2015.  She completed a first-field comprehensive exam in political theory, and a second-field exam in international relations.  While a student at Fordham, Christina wrote an M.A. thesis  titled “Finding Feminist Resistance: Brown and Butler on the Feminist Subject.”  She presented this paper at the New England Political Science Association in April 2013.

Beyond academic pursuits, Christina enjoys reading fiction (particularly Virginia Woolf and Margaret Atwood), cooking, and practicing yoga.  She currently lives in Chicago with her partner and their cat, Bo.

Please contact me for a CV.


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